Strange Bedfellows

A Charlotte Justice Novel

Publisher: One World
In LAPD homicide detective Charlotte Justice, acclaimed crime writer Paula L. Woods has created a heroine for our times. Caught between her proud African American family and colleagues who still can’t deal with diversity, Detective Justice returns to an investigation she once had to leave behind–and enters an explosive realm of haunting lies and dangerous truths.

Thirteen years ago, Charlotte Justice’s husband and child were murdered in the family’s own driveway. Now, following a particularly violent incident involving a fellow officer, Charlotte is on the edge, bedeviled by bloody memories and living on single malt scotch and antacids. But a cold case is bringing her back to work . . . and a department shrink is willing to help her through it–as long as she is willing to help herself. So Charlotte resumes the hunt for the shooter who gunned down a prominent Republican businessman, his young wife, and two Muslim business associates outside an elegant Los Angeles restaurant. The case has turned hot because Charlotte’s initial suspect has suddenly surfaced as the cause of a freak auto accident.

The trouble is, the suspect is in a coma and the businessman he presumably shot is still hovering between life and death. Once Charlotte and her colleagues start digging, the investigation careens in unpredictable directions, from the meddling of a smooth-talking FBI agent to the bizarre drama unfolding around the victim’s family and business. While Charlotte is accustomed to white cops, black cops, and perps of every shade and persuasion, this case is stranger than even she could have guessed. Worst of all, it’s also about her, her contentious family, and the Justices’ terrible secret.

In this pivotal installment in her acclaimed series, Paula L. Woods returns at full throttle, weaving a brilliant tale filled with nail-biting suspense, twisted relationships, and a strong woman driven by a passion for justice and a hunger for the truth.

From the Hardcover edition.


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Advance praise for Strange Bedfellows

“A page-turning, complex tale of deception, betrayal, and sin.”
–Jonathan Kellerman

“An intricate, character-rich police procedural with a thoughtful social spine, and a high watermark in the Charlotte Justice series. It’s another winner from the sure hand and heart of Paula L. Woods.”
–George Pelecanos

“With a diverse array of complex and carefully crafted characters, with a plot that keeps up a speed demon’s pace, with family secrets, intrigue, therapy, and murder, Strange Bedfellows is a roller coaster of a novel. It’s a spellbinding world that the gifted Paula L. Woods has created. Close the door and take a comfortable seat. You’ve come to the right place.”
–Bebe Moore Campbell

“Paula Woods has crafted another winner, taking LAPD detective Charlotte Justice to a new level as she solves a complicated murder while battling department shrinks and demons from her own past. Woods just keeps getting better.”
–Stephen J. Cannell

“Detective Charlotte Justice is everything you need in a good cop–tough, smart, and as just as her name. No one captures the glamour and grit of L.A. better than Paula L. Woods. Strange Bedfellows is a compelling addition to her exciting mystery series.”
–Valerie Wilson Wesley

From the Hardcover edition.