The Beauty Myth

Publisher: Vintage Canada
The controversial, critically-acclaimed, bestselling book that kickstarted the third wave of feminism is now available with a new introduction and a new look.

In 1990, Naomi Wolf published The Beauty Myth - a book that catapulted Wolf into the international spotlight and onto bestseller lists everywhere (88 straight weeks on The Globe and Mail bestseller list). The effects it had on feminist discourse can still be felt today (and in some ways are even more relevant), and the author's new introduction will help put all the controversy, debate, and media it inspired in context for the next millennium.


"The most important feminist publication since The Female Eunuch." -Germaine Greer

"This is one of the most brilliant books I have seen...groundbreaking." -Shere Hite

"A vivid and impassioned polemic, essential reading for the New Woman--" -Fay Weldon

"--an exuberant feminist analysis of women's enslavement to false ideals of beauty. It may well set the agenda for the next wave of social liberation." -The Montreal Gazette