The Secret Struggle For Womanhood

Publisher: Vintage Canada
In Promiscuities, Naomi Wolf has written an exceptionally frank sexual memoir of an individual and a generation, and a call to women not only to reclaim but to celebrate their own sexual experiences, desires and histories.


"At last, a new generation of women writers is addressing the powerful issues of female sexuality. I gulped this wonderful book down in one sitting, like a novel. Brava Naomi Wolf for your courage, your intelligence, your lucid prose." - Erica Jong

"Refreshing ... highly evocative ... Wolf does two important things very well: reminding readers her own age what it felt like to be a teenage girl, and providing a crash course on the wildly varying cultural meanings attached to female sexuality throughout history." - The Ottawa Citizen

"Naomi Wolf [is] the best writer about women and sexuality that we have." - Toronto Sun

"Fascinating ... Wolf celebrates the ancient concept, heavily suppressed in the 20th century, that women are the more carnal sex." - Vancouver Courier