Written On The Body

Publisher: Vintage Canada
The most beguilingly seductive novel to date from the author of The Passion and Sexing the Cherry. Winterson chronicles the consuming affair between the narrator, who is given neither name nor gender, and the beloved, a complex and confused married woman.


The interesting thing about a knot is its formal complexity. Even the simplest pedigree knot, the trefoil, with its three roughly symmetrical lobes, has mathematical as well as artistic beauty. For the religious, Kind Solomon's knot is said to embody the essence of all knowledge. For carpet makers and cloth weavers all...
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"Winterson displays awe-inspiring control over her materials - over language - and a gift for the most searing insights into human nature." The Globe and Mail

"Fun, challenging, often astonishing." The Toronto Star

"Overall, the novel is a cleverly worked and lively meditation on finding love and being lovers, a book that leaves out neither the glory nor the limitations." The Kingston Whig-Standard

"More immediate and more accessible than anything Winterson has written before. The simple elegance of Written on the Body becomes the author's already impressive oeuvre wonderfully well." Calgary Herald

"Boldly explores that elusive language of love with characteristic versatility, wit and precision." The Gazette

"A gorgeous, intensely sensual novel that celebrates the most inescapable fact of human existence in all its beauty, pain and impermanence." The Vancouver Sun

"Winterson's writing, with all its vivid detail, startling intensity and aching intimacy, leaves an indelible impression." Now

"As well written as it is intelligent, as funny as it is compelling." Xtra!

"A hymn of praise to erotic passion...the book has an unforgettable virtuosity. Winterson is an exciting writer. She has literary talent of a high order." Victoria Glendinning, Vogue, UK

"An ambitious work, at once a love story and a philosophical meditation...a work that is consistently revelatory about the phenomenon of love. Winterson has been compared to an unlikely pantheon of literary figures from Flannery O'Connor through Gabriel García Márquez...The hyperbole seems not only imprecise; it obscures the originality of her voice, her distinctive mix of romanticism and irony, erudition and passion." New York Times Book Review

"A comedy that delves deeply into our most sacred desires. A tragedy that reads like a playful narrative." San Francisco Chronicle

"The best evidence yet to [support] Gore Vidal's oft-quoted declaration that Winterson is 'the most interesting young writer I have read in twenty years'. She has once again proved to be a storyteller of compelling interest and exceptional grace." The Atlantic

"Moving and compassionate, a love letter as much as a love story." Harper's Bazaar

"The most highly esteemed writer of her generation." The Guardian

"Many consider her to be the best living writer in this language....In her hands, words are fluid, radiant, humming." The Evening Standard

"Often very funny, like a stand-up comic turn...Winterson, with characteristic and endearing effrontery, wants to take all the tired old language and make it new." —The Observer (UK)