Sexing the Cherry

Publisher: Vintage Canada
In the reign of Charles II, Jordan and his mother, the Dog-Woman, live on the banks of the stinking Thames, where they take in sights ranging from the first pineapple in London to Royalist heads on pikes. As a young man, Jordan leaves to travel the world, seeking wonder and knowledge, and learns that every journey conceals another within it. Sexing The Cherry celebrates the power of the imagination as it playfully juggles with our perceptions of history and reality; love and sex; lies and truths; and the twelve dancing princesses who lived happily ever after, but not with their husbands.


My name is Jordan. This is the first thing I saw.

It was night, about a quarter to twelve, the sky divided in halves, one cloudy, the other fair. The clouds hung over the wood, there was no distance between them and the top of the trees. Where the sky was clear, over the river and the flat fields newly ploughed, the...
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"The most interesting young writer I have read in twenty years." Gore Vidal

"Sexing the Cherry is fun, challenging, often astonishing. I wholeheartedly recommend it." The Toronto Star

"Read it and marvel. Jeanette Winterson's voice is startlingly poetic and original, and her imaginative feats are utterly dazzling." Cosmopolitan

"Jeanette Winterson is a remarkable writer." The Bookseller

"Reading Jeanette Winterson's Sexing the Cherry is like discovering a new dance. The rhythms and steps are innovative. The language often has a punch of a tabloid headline with the precision of poetry. And the idea of time—past, present and future—can turn on a dime." The Ottawa Citizen

"It simply needs to be read and re-read." The Times
"Simple prose shows the subtlest of minds behind it, swift, confident and dazzling." The Financial Times (UK)

"Winterson is a superb literary acrobat. She makes us believe, for the duration of her tall tales, in the power of imagination to change the way we perceive, and therefore live our lives." The Independent