Vintage Departures

Red-Tails in Love

PALE MALE'S STORY--A True Wildlife Drama in Central Park

Publisher: Vintage
Updated Edition—Ten Years Later

The scene of this enchanting (and true) story is the Ramble, an unknown wilderness deep in the heart of New York's fabled Central Park. There an odd and amiable band of nature lovers devote themselves to observing and protecting the park's rich wildlife. When a pair of red-tailed hawks builds a nest atop a Fifth Avenue apartment house across the street from the model-boat pond, Marie Winn and her fellow "Regulars" are soon transformed into obsessed hawkwatchers. The hilarious and occasionally heartbreaking saga of Pale Male and his mate as they struggle to raise a family in their unprecedented nest site, and the affectionate portrait of the humans who fall under their spell will delight and inspire readers for years to come.


Excerpt from the Prologue

Falling in Love
Loving helps us to discern, to discriminate. The bird-lover in a wood at once distinguishes the twittering of different species, which to ordinary people sound the same.

Scene One
The Bird Register

If it is possible to fall in love...
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"Enchanting." —The New York Review of Books

"An amazing drama, as good as any soap opera and all the more remarkable since it is a true wildlife story." — Birding

"A sublime lesson in adaptability, hope, and wild-bred devotion. It'll make you look to the skies, no matter where you live." —Carl Hiaasen, Mirabella

"Astonishing. . . . If you don't believe that the Central Park of Stuart Little has always existed, read this book and open your eyes." —Mary Tyler Moore

"Engaging . . . Dr. Zhivago with feathers. . . . That such simple pleasures can be savored today, in the heart of frantic New York City, is a bit of a miracle." —The Boston Globe

"'Give your heart to the hawks,' the poet Robinson Jeffers wrote. Marie Winn certainly has, and so will readers of this delightful book." —The New York Times Book Review