The Ice Cradle

A Novel from the Ghost Files

Publisher: Broadway Books
Sleepy Block Island seems just the place for ghost whisperer Anza O’Malley to find some much-needed peace and quiet. But with troubled spirits dead set on making their voices heard, rest is in short supply!
February 1907, Block Island. Residents of this tiny Rhode Island community awaken to a scene of tragedy: During a midnight blizzard, a New York–bound steamer carrying 157 passengers has been destroyed at sea. Volunteers rush to the beach to organize a search-and-rescue effort—but for most of the passengers, hope is already lost. 
A century later, residents of the island are busy preparing for the summer season and debating the merits of a proposed wind farm near the beach. No one expects that those long-forgotten passengers may have something to say about the project, but the restless spirits are furious that their final resting place may be disturbed—and turn to Anza to help them protect it. If spirit-world preservationists aren’t enough, Anza also has to face the uncomfortable possibility that her five-year-old son, Henry, has inherited her gift. And then there’s that handsome fisherman whose charms are proving difficult to ignore.
What began as a simple island sojourn turns into a week of chills, thrills, and ghostly intrigue in this gripping second novel in the Ghost Files series.


Chapter One


It wasn’t as warm as I’d hoped. In fact, we were freezing. Back in January, when the director of the Block Island Historical Society had been in touch with me, offering me a week’s work in April, on an island I knew to be, well, somewhere vaguely south of us...
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Praise for The Book of Illumination

“A fantastic tale of mystery, suspense, and apparitions.”  —The Sun
“Absorbing from the first page.”  —Buffalo News
“An engaging story”  —Irish America