First Comes Love

Publisher: Vintage

  A New York Times Notable Book of the Year

   When Marion Winik fell in love with Tony Heubach during a wild Mardi Gras in New Orleans, her friends shook their heads.  For starters, she was straight and he was gay.  But Marion and Tony's impossible love turned out to be true enough to produce a marriage and two beautiful sons, true enough to weather drug addiction, sexual betrayal, and the AIDS that would kill Tony at the age of thirty-seven, twelve years after they met. 
   In a memoir heartbreaking and hilarious by turns, Marion Winik tells a story that is all more powerful for the way in which it defies easy judgments.  As it charts the trajectory of a marriage so impossible that it became inevitable, First Comes Love reminds us—poignantly indelibly—that every story is a special case.



Tony has never looked more beautiful than he does right now, sleeping, his features sculpted and glowing by the light of the candles. They are the Mexican kind, in tall glasses, two white and two blue as he requested, arranged in a semicircle around our wedding photograph: my gauzy veil, his spiky hair...
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Every memoir is particular to the writer's life experience; after reading more than one memoir, however, we frequently find ourselves confronted with the same questions. The questions, discussion topics, biographies, and suggested reading list that follow are intended to enhance your reading and discussion of women's...
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"Gritty, funny, moving, horrific, outrageous—and, above all, fearlessly honest... ultimately a joyous story."-Newsday

Decidedly unfaint-hearted... Marion Winik is resilient, hardy, unfazable; this self-described suburban wannabe is a frontier woman in disguise."- The New York Times Book Review

"A true story stripped of fine writing or cheap analysis.... I won't be the only reader who can't put it down."- San Francisco Chronicle

"Beautiful... intense and intimate."- Washington Post Book World