Faith Tango

A Liberating Approach to Spiritual Growth in Marriage

Publisher: WaterBrook
Growing spiritually as a couple can be one of the greatest frustrations in marriage. Why? Because husbands and wives take the spiritual growth approach that works for individuals and try to apply it to couples. As many Christian couples can testify, this is an invitation to failure. The result is a sense of guilt and discouragement, followed by the decision by many husbands and wives to just quit trying.

Fortunately, help has arrived. Faith Tango presents a liberating approach that fits the unique dynamics of marriage, revealing how spouses can incorporate spiritual sharing into the natural flow of life and experience greater growth and deeper intimacy.

In Faith Tango, Carolyn and Craig Williford introduce a fresh and compelling approach to growing spiritually as a couple, encouraging readers to abandon their preconceptions about what couples’ devotions should be, dump the sense of defeat that plagues many couples, and embrace a new approach to spiritual growth that fits beautifully into their everyday life and marriage.



Interested in a tango to a new model?

We began our married life like most newlywed Chris tian couples: With great determination, we vowed to meet the challenge of growing closer to God in our individual lives and also as a couple. We had visions of spending every evening together poring...
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