You’ve Got to Be Kidding!

Real-life parenting advise from a mom and dad of nineteen

Publisher: WaterBrook
Kid-Tested (and Tested, and Tested…) Guidance for Parents in the Trenches.
The Inside Track to Raising Kids.

Most of us find raising one, two…or maybe three or four children to be challenging enough. The idea of parenting a half dozen seems almost crazy, and more children than that–impossible. But Pat and Ruth Williams have together raised (and are continuing to raise) nineteen kids. More importantly, they’ve not just survived the process–they’ve loved it!

What do they know that the rest of us don’t? What does it take to make a family of any size not only work, but thrive? After bringing up nineteen kids–as biological parents, adoptive parents, single parents, and step-parents–Pat and Ruth Williams have gained a volume of insights and experience that will enrich your home, strengthen your family, and help you be the parent you want to be. Inside you’ll find counsel that really works–whether you’re raising one child, one dozen (or more), or any number in between.



No–we’re not kidding!

We have nineteen children.

That’s right. Nineteen.

You should see mouths fall open and pupils dilate when we drop that bombshell on unsuspecting new acquaintances.

It happens every so often at a dinner party or other social gathering...
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“I’m a parent of six. At times it seemed impossible! But nineteen? Incredible! Yet through such an enormous responsibility comes life lessons for us all. Wow! I mean, oh my!”
–DICK ENBERG, sports broadcaster

“This is the most wonderful guide for raising happy, healthy, self-confident children ever written! It will transform you, your children, and your home.”
–BRIAN TRACY, motivational speaker and best-selling author

You’ve Got to Be Kidding! is down to earth, full of biblical wisdom, and touches all the bases! Parents are in for a great read and will be greatly helped in raising their kids for God.”
–JIM CYMBALA, pastor, Brooklyn Tabernacle Church

“This is more than a book–let’s call it an incredible guide for living, whether you’re a parent or not. Thank you, Pat and Ruth, for setting this high standard for all of us.”
–CHRIS SCHENKEL, Hall of Fame sportscaster

“Pat and Ruth Williams are real and relevant as they share the delightful pleasures and the painful realities of raising nineteen children from various cultures within their own blended family. With the application of God’s Word and prayer, they have magnificently and responsibly accepted all the challenges. Their story will enrich your own efforts through the marathons of life.”
–CYNTHIA SWINDOLL, president and CEO, Insight for Living