River Of Stone

Publisher: Vintage Canada
A rare and marvellous collection by a master teller of tales, together in one volume for the first time.River of Stone brings to readers an appealing selection of Rudy Wiebe's best and most loved writing — and draws us into a world that he has made distinctively his own. In this haunting collection, his stories and memoirs play off each other to reveal the geographical and emotional range of the country. Here we have timeless meditations on country, particularly the West and the North; memories of a Mennonite childhood, and the pain of being cast out by the community; of writing and history; of pioneer days lived with love and struggle; and unexpected, entertaining stories that are by turn loving, macabre, ironic, sad and joyful, and very funny.



Love Letters from Land and Sea

North and wilderness. When I consider my country as a place distinct and particular from all the other places I have seen and lived in, that’s it: north and wilderness.

Never mind that I live in a modern city: my travels and any map tell me...
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"Only the stories we tell each other can create us as a true Canadian people." —Rudy Wiebe, at Governor General's Award Ceremony

"Wiebe is able to be both Faulkner and Balzac...[he] can construct scenes of painstaking detail and psychological insight...exciting and unpredictable." —Books in Canada

"An outstanding writer...immensely talented...whose contribution will endure." —The Globe and Mail