Something’s Wrong with your Scale

A Romantic Comedy

Publisher: Anchor
The hilarious new work from Van Whitfield, writer-on-the rise and author of the Blackboard bestseller Beeperless Remote.

In Something's Wrong with Your Scale, Van Whitfield introduces the likeable Sonny Walker, a thirty-something Mr. Nice Guy who's found companionship and comfort with Marsha.  The only problem is that he's become too comfortable.  Weighing seventy-five pounds more than when the courtship first began, the newly food-obsessed Sonny just can't stay away from Marsha's marvelous dishes, even in the middle of their breakup conversation.

Determined to slim down and get his girlfriend back, Sonny joins the FutraSystem weight-loss center and meets potential love interest Kayla, as well as a host of other colorful characters. In a heartwarming tale that is alternately hilarious, wise, and ultimately self-affirming, Whitfield has created a thoroughly delicious and engaging novel sure to be enjoyed by those who have waged the battle of the bulge, or know someone who has.


1. Sonny Walker, the lead character in Something's Wrong with Your Scale!, is dropped by his girlfriend Marsha because he gained too much weight. Is Marsha wrong for dropping him, or should she be viewed in a positive light for being honest and straightforward? How could Marsha have better handled the situation?...

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"[A] hip narrative--in a story that is read-aloud funny, achingly self-effacing, but ultimately self-affirming."-Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Equal parts love story and inspirational tome, Whitfield's plot shines for its original ploys and reflections of everyday people and life experiences."--Vibe