Make This Your Lucky Day

Fun and Easy Secrets and Shortcuts to Success, Romance, Health, and Harmony

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Let’s face it: Most of us think Feng Shui is synonymous with moving furniture. But Feng Shui specialist Ellen Whitehurst has updated this ancient art form and given it her own unique spin. The result is “Lucky Day Shui,” which is based on her more than twenty years of training and expertise in Feng Shui, aromatherapy, and other modes of holistic healing. What’s more, this approach is a breeze to incorporate into your life, and there’s no heavy lifting required!

Make This Your Lucky Day covers all nine Feng Shui energies–including career, wealth, marriage and partnership, children, and creativity–and is broken down into specific days, events, and life situations for which you could use a little extra luck. Do you wish to

• Ace that job interview? Wear deep, dark blue to enhance self-esteem.
• Increase your bank account? Place eight coins under the welcome mat at your front door.
• Seal a great business deal? Start the day by lighting nine red candles.
• Finally get pregnant? Sleep on green bedsheets.
• Chase away a cold? Diffuse lavender essential oil for a holistic antibiotic.

Harness the energy of the universe, stack the deck in your favor, and open the door to greater opportunities. Today can be your lucky day!

“[Ellen Whitehurst] is a magical person with strange and mysterious ways. She found my power centers, and they even work during a blackout. Now, that’s talent!”
–Joy Behar, co-host, The View

“Ellen is irresistible–both her personality and her advice. And fortunately one never comes without the other.”
–Stacy Morrison, editor-in-chief, Redbook


Chapter 1

The energies associated with this sector obviously will speak to your job, your income, and how you make a living and grab your paycheck. But it’s so, so, so much more than that. This sector is about how you feel about yourself, way deep down inside. It goes directly to your sense of who you are,...
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