The Shadow of Malabron

Welcome to the Perilous Realm

Publisher: Doubleday Canada
Malabron the Night King seeks to turn all stories into one – his story, a nightmare of absolute power. When Will Lightfoot, a rebellious teenager, stumbles into the Perilous Realm where all stories come from, he is unwillingly caught up in the struggle against this ancient evil.

Aided by some of the Storyfolk – including the feisty Rowen, her grandfather, Pendrake the loremaster, Finn Madoc, a knight-in-training, and Shade, the wise and loyal wolf – Will must set out on a dangerous journey and face a host of perils if he is ever to find the gateless gate that will take him home.

This is high fantasy on a grand scale, which imaginatively intertwines well-known stories with Will’s quest to weave an unforgettable adventure.

From the Hardcover edition.


It is when you have already gone too far that your journey truly begins.
—The Quips and Quiddities of Sir Dagonet
Will had taken the motorcycle. He couldn’t believe he had done it, but here he was, zooming down the highway with the wind buffeting him in the face and the...

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