The Fathomless Fire

Publisher: Doubleday Canada
Calling to mind the work of J.R.R. Tolkien and Guy Gavriel Kay in its sweeping invention, The Fathomless Fire, the second book in the breathtaking Perilous Realm trilogy, is now available in paperback!
     Having returned from his exhilarating adventure in the Perilous Realm, Will Lightfoot is safely back at home with his family, going through the motions of an ordinary life. But he is dogged by feelings of restlessness and desperate to reconnect with his friend Rowen, a girl from the city of Fable. It's not long before he obeys the irresistible pull to return and resume his quest. But he is shocked to discover that in the time he's been away, he has become a legend to the people of Fable. Greeted as a returning hero, Will soon has to test his mettle. Can he rescue Rowen from the clutches of Angel, the dreaded servant of the evil Malabron? Or will Rowen, and all of Fable, be swept up in Malabron's wicked scheme?


HE WAS LEAVING TONIGHT. He couldn’t wait any longer. Will stuffed the bottle of water into his pack with the apple and the energy bars. He looked around his tiny, lowceilinged bedroom, wondering if there was anything else he should bring. It all depended, he thought, on how long he would be gone. And that was...
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Praise for Thomas Wharton:

“[Wharton] cement[s] his reputation as one of Canada’s most promising young writers.”