Melanie Martin Goes Dutch

The Private Diary of My Almost Bummer Summer with Cecily, Matt the Brat, and Vincent Van Go Go Go

Publisher: Yearling
Written by the advice columnist of Girls’ Life magazine, this hilarious companion to The Diary of Melanie Martin finds Melanie off to Holland–with her best friend!

Dear Diary, You will never ever believe this! It is too good to be true!! Guess who is going with us to Amster Amster Dam Dam Dam? Cecily!

Since Cecily’s mom is having surgery, Melanie’s parents invite Cecily on their family trip to Holland. Melanie thinks having her best friend along will be terrific. But things don’t go exactly as expected. First Melanie loses her luggage, and soon it looks like she’ll lose Cecily’s friendship.

But Holland isn’t a total disaster. Along the way, Melanie learns to look through the eyes of van Gogh, Vermeer, and Anne Frank. Soon she discovers that being a good friend means seeing the world through your best friend’s eyes, too.

From the Hardcover edition.


June 15


Dear Brand New Diary,

I can’t believe it!

This was the best day EVER!

School is out, and I, Melanie Martin, am almost a fifth grader.

5th grade!!!

Today at the end-of-fourth-grade party, everybody said my cupcakes were delicious—even...
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“[A] quirky kid pleaser”–Vanity Fair