A Dangerous Inheritance

Publisher: Anchor Canada
"The stories of two Englishwomen, born a century apart, are a juicy mix of romance, drama and Tudor history--and pure bliss for today's royal watchers." --Ladies Home Journal

England's Tower of London was the terrifying last stop for generations of English political prisoners. A Dangerous Inheritance weaves together the lives and fates of four of its youngest and most blameless: Lady Katherine Grey, Lady Jane's younger sister; Kate Plantagenet, an English princess who lived nearly a century before her; and Edward and Richard, the boy princes imprisoned by their ruthless uncle, Richard III, never to be heard from again. Across the years, these four young royals shared the same small rooms in their dark prison, and the unfortunate role of being perceived as threats to the reigning monarch. Twining together their lives and fates into a dark mystery of thwarted love and ruthless ambition, Alison Weir has written the most suspenseful, large-scale novel of her career.


 • "A terrific book, full of vivid storytelling, fascinating history and all those ingredients--romance, danger, mystery and suspense--which bring the past to life in such stunning detail, colour and atmosphere. An entertaining and absorbing read from the new queen of historical fiction." --Pendle Today