Taiji Sword and Other Writings

Publisher: Blue Snake Books
A longtime student of the taiji grand master Yang Cheng-Fu, Chen Wei-Ming became famous himself as a scholar, martial artist, and proponent of the Yang style of t'ai chi. In the 1920s, he wrote a number of influential books on taiji, among them Taiji Sword (1927), which detailed a rare method of fencing. Translated here for the first time, this book serves as both a historical document and a training manual for an increasingly popular sport.


"The Taiji Sword form never fails to delight audiences. Its dramatic leaps and turns, its shining blade sweeping through the air, and swirling red tassel capture the attention of young and old alike. Taiji Sword, a subset of Taijiquan, is based on the principles of relaxation, yielding, and use of softness to overcome...
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