Westchester Burning

Portrait of a Marriage

Publisher: Delta
Amine Wefali had four beautiful children and houses in Westchester, Nantucket, and Florida--but her marriage had become acrimonious. She had moved into the attic of her exclusive home in Westchester, a suburb of New York, while Phillip, her prosperous husband, remained downstairs. Torn between ambivalent emotions about her marriage and the inability to articulate her own longing for freedom, Wefali channeled her frustration into a whirlwind of domestic activity. Emotionally estranged, financially dependent, she was landlocked.

Parting the curtains on the intimate stage of contemporary marriage, Wefali delicately coaxes from beneath the surface of domestic life the poignancy, tragedy, loss, and humor that punctuate a long-term relationship. With lacerating wit and candor--about herself and the upperclass world around her--Wefali finds her way out of the attic and into the selfhood she always wanted. And along her journey, she has recorded a stunning personal odyssey both unique and universal.

From the Hardcover edition.



Madison Avenue was wet and cold. The first snow of the winter disappeared as it hit the pavement. It wasn't a retrospective, Susan said, just some photographs her husband put together, representing his work through four decades.

As I walked in, I saw Dooley. He and Leslie lived in the town we...
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“How haunting--this spare story is written with such clean lines that no one will be able to avoid its power. Here is a truly gifted writer who bores in where others might look away.”
--Anne Roiphe (National Book Award finalist and NY Observer columnist)

From the Hardcover edition.