Honeymoon in Purdah

An Iranian Journey

Publisher: Vintage Canada
To go beyond the legacy of revolution, religious fundamentalism and veiled women and find the real people of Iran, a young Canadian dons the cloak of Islam. The result of Alison Wearing's journey is a warm, funny and shocking collection of riveting portraits and stories about the generous, irrepressible people she met. With a novelist's love of language and eye for detail, she takes the reader into the homes and hearts of people whose spirit, intelligence and laughter enlighten and impress. Beautifully written, engaging, fascinating at every turn, Honeymoon in Purdah reveals an Iran rarely seen by Westerners and leads this exceptional bestselling young writer across new literary borders.


On the main street, tin-box cars race along like go-karts. There are no traffic lights, therefore no pattern of movement, no lulls or rushes, only a steady stream of cars moving as fast as they can without crashing. As a result, there is no opportune time to cross. The only thing to do is swallow hard and make a run for it...
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"As a writer, Wearing is all luscious texture and running narrative-- She is the companion on the bus with the endless supply of traveller's tales, each one tripping into the next. And like most raconteurs, she has embroidered the fabric of her reportage to 'lend artistry to a scene,' and to paint portraits that are true in spirit." - The Globe and Mail

"One of the most entertaining and insightful travel diaries since Paul Theroux fell in love with Asian railways--. After reading Honeymoon, you will never think of Iran in the same way again." - The Ottawa Citizen

"Compulsively readable." - The Toronto Star

"Lyrical, insightful, funny and stubbornly independent." - National Post