When the Bough Breaks

Publisher: Tundra Books
Millie’s is a small family — just a mother, a father, a small brother, Hamish, and her. Both her parents had been orphaned (and were introduced in Watts’ novel Flower), but the family they created was tight-knit and loving. When Millie’s mother announces that she is pregnant, it seems life is perfect. They have each other, and, although the Great Depression has brought hard times to their small town, Millie’s father’s services as a blacksmith are still in demand. But when her mother dies, suddenly everything changes. Her father retreats into depression and Millie, only thirteen, finds herself responsible for a newborn baby. When a stranger appears and threatens the remnants of the family even further, Millie musters courage she never dreamed she had to rebuild the home that means so much to her.

Irene N. Watts’ memorable story is as complex and as comforting as family life itself.


Praise for Flower:

“Irene Watts movingly explores the issue of family identity in her latest novel, Flower, with the same poignant sensitivity she brought to her series of novels about the Kindertransport…”
Quill and Quire

“The story is sure to send young readers dashing off to the attic in search of family treasures.”
CM Magazine

“Sensitively and thoughtfully written, the book tells a convincing and moving story linking past and present in one discovery.”
— Okanagan University Library