Finding Sophie

Publisher: Tundra Books
Selected by the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association as one of the PSLA YA Top Forty Fiction Titles 2003

Nominated in the fiction category for the 2004/2005 Red Cedar Book Awards (British Columbia's Young Reader's Choice book award)

Sophie Mandel was only seven years old when she arrived in London on the first Kindertransport from Germany. She has grown up with a friend of her parents, a woman she calls Aunt Em, and despite the war and its deprivations, she has made a good life for herself in England with her foster mother. She has even stopped thinking about the parents she left behind. Now the war is over, and fourteen-year-old Sophie is faced with a terrible dilemma. Where does she belong?

In this, the third book about the characters introduced in Good-bye Marianne and Remember Me, Irene N. Watts explores the themes of friendship, family, and the nature of love. Finding Sophie is sure to become a favorite.



The Train, Berlin, Germany
December 1, 1938

Just before the guard reached their compartment door, a woman threw in a rucksack, then lifted a little girl and stood her beside Marianne. “Please look after her! Thank you.” She moved away without looking back.

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“Most young people know very little about the Kindertransport, and this lovely story will open their eyes while introducing them to a memorable young woman who will remain in their thoughts.”
School Library Journal

“Irene N. Watts, like Sophie, the heroine of her novel…left Germany at the age of 7 for safety in Britain on a kindertransport at the beginning of the Second World War. Perhaps that accounts in part for Watts’s ability to convey in such a compelling way the emotional turmoil felt by young Sophie.”
The Globe and Mail

“Irene Watts has won prizes and praise for her previous novels, and…this one is even better. The writing flows more evenly, and the plot depends less on particular and peculiar historical circumstances and more on the iternal conflicts of love and loyalty. Its universal theme is enriched by its historical context but is not completely dependent upon it…Highly Recommended.”
CM Magazine

“The story is…poignant… The book is solidly and thoughtfully written, weaving affection, laughter, concern and fear in the background to Sophie’s life.”
Literary Views