Mad Dog

Publisher: Anchor Canada
In this gripping novel, Kelly Watt brings to life the wonderfully complex Sheryl-Anne, and with vivid, often frightening detail charts the destruction of a family. The work of a gifted storyteller, Mad Dog marks the arrival of an exceptional new talent.

Sheryl-Anne MacRae dreams of leaving her home on an apple orchard in southwestern Ontario to search for her long-lost mother. One day her adopted father, Fergus, brings home a beautiful young hitchhiker, Peter Lucas Angelo and Sheryl-Anne and Peter become fast friends.

But life in Eden Valley is not as idyllic as it would seem. As the summer progresses Peter is pulled deeper into the dangerous underworld Fergus inhabits -- a world of sex, drugs, and increasingly violent rituals. Sheryl-Anne’s daytime existence becomes more and more threatened by the frightening visions that torment her at night. In a terrifying climax, the brutal truth of Sheryl-Anne’s life is revealed.


Nauta agricolae cancrum dat; agricola, malum nautae.

(The sailor gives the farmer a crab; the farmer [gives] the sailor an apple.)

The first time Sheryl-Anne saw Peter Angelo was in the summer of 1964. The Summer of Freedom and race riots, the summer everyone argued about the maple leaf. That summer...
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“To call this a first-love/coming-of-age story would belie the suspense and mystery that Watt so adeptly creates.” -- The Globe and Mail

“The irony is dark, creepy, and palpable.” -- Ottawa Citizen

“The strangest coming-of-age story you ever did read.” -- National Post

“Kelly Watt is a new author to watch.” -- Hamilton Spectator

“With her first novel, Watt has created a story of substance, layering . . . the apocalypse and pagan ritual over first love, cruelty endured over cruelty meted out.” -- The Globe and Mail