Kill for an Orchid

Publisher: Doubleday Canada
The fourth book in the "Death in Dordogne" series, Kill for an Orchid spans two hemispheres and three centuries, taking readers on a suspenseful journey of greed, obsession and murder.

Life is finally coming together for Mara and Julian in their idyllic corner of the French countryside. They are even contemplating marriage! However, their happy prospects hit a nasty bump when Véronique, Julian's not-so-ex-wife, turns up unexpectedly, threatening blackmail and trouble.

Trouble indeed: Veronique is brutally murdered, and the local gendarmes' top suspect is Julian himself. However, a mysterious list of names found among Véronique's effects leads Mara to ask if these individuals are linked to the crime. But how? And why? As Mara seeks answers to these questions, Julian has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to journey to China to solve the riddle of his mystery orchid. Is it the legendary Yong Chun Hua — the flower of eternal youth? To his peril, he soon learns that he is not alone in his quest. As he treks through the mountains of Sichuan piecing together the orchid's dark secret, he soon finds himself in a race for survival against a determined and deadly adversary. In France Mara, comes face to face with the horrendous truth behind Véronique's death. A world apart, these two must somehow help each other to thwart a cunning and ruthless killer.

From the Hardcover edition.


It was spring in the glorious Dordogne.
God’s country, Julian Wood called it. He paused in his labours to raise his eyes to a sweep of wooded uplands and high blue sky, then threw his weight onto the spade, turning and lifting soil oozing with life. Mid-fifties, tall and lanky with...
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Praise for Michelle Wan:
"Not since Nero Wolfe has such a fragrant combination of orchid lore and suspense found its way into a mystery novel."

"A writer to watch."
The Globe and Mail

"A cracking good story, one that's certain to keep a reader turning pages .... The description of meals . . . will leave one's mouth watering....The generous descriptions of rural French life mesh superbly with a story that should keep the reader guessing whodunit until the very last pages."
The Record (Kitchener-Waterloo)

Praise for The Orchid Shroud:
"With The Orchid Shroud, Michelle Wan hits her stride as a leading Canadian mystery writer. . . . Wan shows a mastery of mystery and an unmatched flair for the genre."
Edmonton Journal

From the Hardcover edition.