A Twist of Orchids

Publisher: Anchor Canada
Third in the acclaimed “Death in the Dordogne” series.

Winter in the Dordogne: delicious food, ruggedly beautiful scenery, unscrupulous orchid hunters, illegal drugs, a poetic house-breaker, and three mysterious deaths and counting . . .

Expat Montrealer Mara Dunn and orchid-loving Brit Julian Wood are living together in an uneasy, on-and-off way. When bad things start to happen to their friends–first Amélie Gaillard falls mysteriously to her death, leaving behind a husband with Parkinson’s who is visited by a murderous apparition, then a local Turkish couple’s son disappears and is soon found dead of an overdose–each has a very different way of helping out. So different that each begins to wonder if they are really meant to be together.

But when Julian, with his unerring understanding of the orchid-lover’s mind, thinks he has found the link between the local spike in drug traffic and murder, one of them might lose the other–permanently.

From the Hardcover edition.



In the pre-dawn light, the ruin of the Temple of Vesunna rose as a shadowy hulk. Relic of a time when France was an outpost of the Roman Empire, it stood in a circle of parkland in the middle of Périgueux, departmental capital of the Dordogne. An empty pop can, wind-driven, skittered along its base....
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“Wan hits her stride as a leading Canadian mystery writer. . . . [She] shows a mastery of mystery and an unmatched flair for the genre.” .
Edmonton Journal

“Delightful. . . . Who knew that Guelph, Ontario, could generate such Gallic glory?”
The Globe and Mail

“[A Twist of Orchids] bursts with beautiful landscapes, great dogs, memorable meals and devious orchid-hunters.”
More Magazine

From the Hardcover edition.