United We Stand

Publisher: Doubleday Canada
Dramatic, gripping, and moving, this sequel to the award-winning We All Fall Down will captivate readers.

It’s September 12th, 2001, and New York City is at a standstill: somber, bleak and shocked in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks. Will knows he and his father are lucky to have escaped; others, like his best friend James’ father are still missing . . . and soon presumed to be dead.

Poignant and dramatic, United We Stand is a young adult novel about heartache, self-discovery, and the power of friendship.



My eyes opened ever so slightly. The bed felt warm and soft, and all I wanted to do was sleep some more. But there was light coming through the window and I thought I really should get up . . . probably. I sat up and stretched and looked down at my hands. They were both cut, and there was a line...
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Praise for We All Fall Down:
"The story is a vibrant and captivating tribute to the heroism of its two main characters and the memories of everyone who suffered on that tragic day when the Twin Towers fell."
--Books in Canada

Praise for Eric Walters
"Eric Walters is a classic storyteller. His award-winning novels are smooth, clean reads that put ordinary kids in extraordinary situations. . . . Highly Recommended." --CM Magazine
"Vintage Walters . . . the adventure just doesn't stop." --Canlitforkids.com