Tell Me Why

How Young People Can Change the World

Publisher: Doubleday Canada
A powerful, inspiring book for any young person who wants to make a difference.

“I just want to know: why do you think that people treat each other the way that they do? Is there something that happened to you that made you want to help people? And, finally, what, if anything, do you think one kid can do to make a difference?”

Responding to the searching questions of a thoughtful thirteen-year-old, more than twenty-five influential, inspiring figures – including Canadians Roméo Dallaire, Robert Munsch, Marc Garneau, Lynn Johnston, Rick Hansen, and many others – have shared their wisdom, their experience, and their convictions about how to counter suffering, cruelty, and darkness. Eric Walters also profiles five amazing young people who have already found ways to help. They have raised money and awareness for causes such as cancer research, homelessness, the plight of AIDS orphans, and global humanitarian crises. Their stories show us that people of any age can create meaningful and important change – they just need to make the decision to start.



Sometimes you know where a book begins and sometimes you don’t. I know where this one came from.

As a children’s writer, teacher, social worker, and parent I have a great deal of contact with children and young adults. I have watched as they grow older and become aware of...
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