Faith Works

Lessons from the Life of an Activist Preacher

Publisher: Random House
Today more than ever, many people are hungry for spirituality and community. But the most powerful and meaningful spirituality shows itself through action. Jim Wallis is the charismatic preacher, activist, and leader of Call to Renewal, a dynamic new movement that is uniting politics and spirituality to ignite social change and overcome poverty. In his timely, exciting new book, he shows us how we can enrich our own lives by serving our communities. Wallis believes that the making of the modern Christian, Muslim, or Jew is through action. A preacher who spends his time working for justice rather than just speaking from a pulpit, Wallis compellingly demonstrates how going out and putting your belief to work is what really counts. Faith shows itself in works—faith works.

Named by Time magazine as one of the "50 Faces for America's Future," a regular contributor to NPR, MSNBC, and major newspapers, and editor in chief of Sojourners magazine, Jim Wallis is a well-known media figure. His advice is increasingly sought by leading politicians who want to tap into the growing power of faith-based organizations and the Call to Renewal movement. A lifelong activist, he has been putting his faith to work for more than three decades. His anecdotal, exhilarating, and engaging book is part memoir, part inspirational game plan for transforming our own lives and our society, and part primer on how faith communities are changing neighborhoods. It is filled with dramatic human stories of men and women who will move and inspire us. Faith Works will appeal to religious people looking to bring more meaning to their faith and to spiritually hungry people looking for direction in their lives.

From the Hardcover edition.


Lesson Two: Get Out of the House More Often

You are the salt of the are the light of the world.
(Matthew 5:13-14)

There is a story about a young priest who was very nervous about his new responsibilities. He was especially worried about leading the Eucharistic liturgy. The...
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"What a riveting account, compelling, provocative, and inspirational, of the kind of faith that can move mountains, that can certainly move people and communities--an engaged, vibrant faith because it proves faith works. Just the recipe as we begin a new year and a new millennium. God be praised for Jim Wallis."
--Archbishop Desmond Tutu

"Jim Wallis's brilliant insights on spirituality in action, based upon his rich experiences as an activist preacher, will inspire socially conscious readers across the ideological and political spectrum. Faith Works is an engaging and thoughtful book. Wallis's positive vision of faith, including his view of the role of faith-based organizations in addressing poverty and other pressing national problems, is moving and compelling."
--William Julius Wilson, professor, Harvard University

"Shimmering with the vitality and passion of its author, this remarkable book speaks to both policy makers searching for ways to overcome poverty and to ordinary citizens hoping to make a difference beyond their own lives. If it will take a movement--as it always does--to challenge the status quo and bring about social justice, Faith Works should be its manifesto. The next time a politician asks himself, 'What Would Jesus Do?,' hand him this book. Jim Wallis provides the answer."
--Arianna Huffington, syndicated columnist and
author of How to Overthrow the Government

"Lovely and practical, Faith Works is a gentle and inspiring guidebook to being a good citizen and a good human being."
--George Stephanopoulos

"In his wonderful book Faith Works, Reverend Wallis shows us how to turn faith and love into action and how to transform our beliefs, hopes, and good intentions into catalysts for needed changes in our world."
--Marian Wright Edelman, president, Children's Defense Fund

From the Hardcover edition.