Publisher: Bantam
They’d kill to keep a woman out of the White House.

Congresswoman Jean Talbot’s bid for the presidency is catching fire—and making enemies. . . .
We are G#ds Messengers.
Pay attention before it is too late.
It is unnatural for women to dress like Men. It is wrong when women take away Mens jobs. It is a sin against G#d for a woman to run this Great Nation which was begat by Mens minds and kept alive with the Muscle Sweat and Blood of Men.
The men who let these things happen must now pay the price. The men who work for Jean Talbot must stop or they will pay with their blood. We are G#ds Soldiers. This is your last warning.
The Wrath of G#d and Man will befall those who upset Natures Ordered Plan.
—The Brotherhood of Men