Daisy Dawson

Daisy Dawson and the Secret Pond

Publisher: Candlewick
Now in paperback— Talking to animals is handy when you have a project about habitats! Daisy sets off in search of otters with the help of her four-legged friends.

Daisy Dawson has an amazing gift: she can understand and talk to animals! In her second adventure, she is determined to fi nd a pair of shy otters and take their photo to show at school. With Boom the basset hound, Cyril the squirrel, and a pair of mischievous young squirrels in tow, it promises to be a perfect day with friends. But as they all set out, the birds are singing about rain clouds on the way. Will Daisy get the picture she needs before the weather gets her?


Chapter 1
Wasps and Chocolate

"Smile, please!" said Daisy as she pressed the button and a bright flash lit up the bathroom. Her dad's foam-covered face froze in the viewfinder, razor held in midair and eyebrows raised in surprise.
"Hey!" he protested, scraping another pathway through the...
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