Some Reason in Madness

Publisher: Seal Books
Fifteen years after helping to send rapist Frank Ventresca to prison, guidance counsellor Samantha Quinlan has a nearly perfect life: a job she loves, a boyfriend she loves, and a son she loves even more. But when Frank turns up again -- still obsessing, still delusional, and still dangerous -- Samantha’s nightmare begins all over again.

Wherever she goes, Frank lurks, and the life Samantha has struggled to build comes dangerously close to unravelling. She is implicated in the dismissal of a colleague. One of her beloved students dies. Samantha discovers her son might not be the perfect child she has been so proud of. And a romantic getaway with her fiancé, a prominent Boston surgeon, ends in violence. As Samantha struggles to cope with each new crisis, she begins to wonder: Are the events connected?

As the knot of menace tightens around her, Samantha realizes that madness often wears a disguise.

From the Hardcover edition.


No more fuck-ups, okay, Ventresca? Here’s your stuff.”

The matron shoved a pile across the counter. Frank caught a look at her badge. Her name was Becky. He almost laughed. She was at least six feet tall, with boobs big enough to support a set of Britannicas, and her name was not Helga, not Bertha, but...
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Praise for Cathy Vasas-Brown and Every Wickedness:
“An astonishing performance. Vasas-Brown seems to have been born knowing how: her debut novel announces that she’s here to stay.” -- Eric Wright

“Vasas-Brown writes like a more literate Mary Higgins-Clark.” -- The Toronto Star

From the Hardcover edition.