Every Wickedness

Publisher: Seal Books
Deadly and devious, the Spiderman has the whole of San Francisco at his mercy, gripped in a terrible fear. It seems as though no woman is safe as he entices, traps and then bleeds his victims dry.

Beth Wells, a talented designer whose roommate has been killed by the Spiderman, must deal with not only her mounting suspicions about the identity of the killer, but also a series of threatening letters. Though she doesn't know it yet, she may have unwittingly become the Spiderman's next target.

Beth's friend Jim Kearns is the head of the investigation into the killings. Obsessed by the case but unable to save the growing number of victims, Kearns struggles with his own private demons.

Vasas-Brown skilfully brings San Francisco to life, conveying the rising media hysteria that leads everyone to believe the spiderman is a monster. It's up to Kearns to convince them that the killer is just a man. A man capable of being caught. A man capable of every wickedness.

From the Hardcover edition.



The goodnight died on her lips. Too quickly, the door closed with a cheap, hollow sound and she stood alone in the hallway, her Ferragamo shoes clashing with the beer-stained carpet. She inhaled musty air. Disgusted, she gave the finger to the creep on the other side of the door and hurried down the stairs to the...
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“Vasas-Brown’s thriller hits all the right notes. The sinuous plot has readers guessing at the outcome as the story gallops to a climax. A very satisfying read.” — The Victoria Times-Colonist

“Vasas-Brown writes like a more literate Mary Higgins Clark.” — Jack Batten, The Toronto Star

“With all the panache of a pro, the Southern Ontario native has crafted a beautifully written tale.” — The Ottawa Citizen

From the Paperback edition.