The Three Evangelists

Publisher: Vintage Canada
France’s bestselling and award-winning crime writer Fred Vargas joins Vintage Canada.

The Three Evangelists is an enormously entertaining departure from Vargas’s Commissaire Adamsberg series. Sophia Simeonidis, a Greek opera singer, wakes up one morning to discover that a tree has appeared overnight in the garden of her Paris house. As her husband doesn’t give a damn, she asks her new neighbours to dig around the tree to find out if something has been buried. Her neighbours are eccentric: Vandoosler, an ex-cop fired from the police for having helped a murderer to escape, and sharing the house are three impecunious historians: Mathias, Marc and Lucien – the three evangelists, as Vandoosler calls them. They accept the job because they are desperate for money and rather curious. When they find nothing and Sophia’s dead body turns up weeks later, they decide to investigate.



‘Pierre, something’s wrong with the garden,’ said sophia.

She opened the window and examined the patch of ground. She knew it by heart, every blade of grass. What she saw sent a shiver down her spine.

Pierre was reading the newspaper over his breakfast. Maybe that was why...
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Praise for the works of Fred Vargas:

“A Vargas novel is as good as a trip to Paris. The style has the same hyper-real quality as all her writing — the real world, but filtered through a strange prism — but it’s the plotting that really hits the spot: ingenious and ecccentric.There’s been much brouhaha recently about the Crime Writers Association’s decision to exclude novels not written in English from its prestigious Dagger award; there may be the consolation of a separate prize for foreign writers. But after reading Fred Vargas, you may feel that she deserves the main trophy.”
Daily Express

“Fred Vargas is a wonderful writer. Much of the joy of reading this book lies in Vargas’s wonderful use of language, her subtle characterizations and her superb sense of place.”
–Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail

“Joyous, enchanting, amazing, fantastic, unclassifiable, beyond-brilliant. Readers will not hold back praise for Fred Vargas. With Have Mercy on Us All, the novelist spares no trick in keeping us glued to our seats.”
Elle (France)

“On the basis of this elegantly twisted crime novel, Vargas is clearly an author who will rank alongside Henning Mankell. The plot kinks and switches in an utterly compelling manner. Creepy, sophisticated and wonderfully off-beat.”
Scotland on Sunday

“The hero of this Parisian crime novel is one of the most fetchingly weird detectives I’ve come across in a while. Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg is a bit like Morse, but much more French.”
Daily Telegraph (UK)

“Slick, creepy and full of engagingly odd characters, this thriller is a class act.”
The Independent (UK)