How America Got It Right

The U.S. March to Military and Political Supremacy

Publisher: Crown Forum
At last, a historian tells the truth about America’s role in the world—refuting the lies of anti-American propagandists.

Left-wing critics—both at home and abroad—relish blasting our country for being the world’s sole superpower, or even an “imperialist” power.

But as acclaimed military historian Bevin Alexander shows in How America Got It Right, these criticisms are completely off the mark. Alexander reveals how the United States has done and continues to do exactly the right thing in military and foreign affairs. As the world’s dominant political force and military power, he says, we are the only nation that will actually go into the world and strike down evil. And we must not shirk that responsibility—especially because we cannot rely on our so-called allies to defend our freedoms.

Alexander tells the dramatic and sometimes surprising story of how, from the American Revolution to the War on Terror, America’s core principles and ideals have shaped our march to economic, military, and political supremacy.

How America Got It Right reveals:

•How in the War on Terror we’re simply repeating the process of World War II—going wherever we have to in the world to destroy those who threaten our safety

•How unpatriotic critics of American foreign policy fail to understand the clear threats we now grapple with—but how our leaders get it

•How America boldly—and correctly—asserted this nation’s unique status to the world long before we had the military strength to back up our daring proclamations

•How, at almost every turn, our leaders demonstrated remarkable foresight that enabled America to become the world’s dominant power

•How a policy of securing other people’s freedom is in fact grounded in American tradition, not a dangerous departure from precedent

As Americans debate what our nation’s role in world affairs should be, Alexander shows how—far from overreaching or bumbling into situations in which we shouldn’t be involved—the United States has properly embraced its role as world leader. Covering more than two centuries of history, How America Got It Right refutes those critics who suggest that America has somehow gone off course or overextended itself.

Indeed, according to Alexander, our government has got it right. America’s critics have got it wrong, because what they are hoping for—peace without a price—will never come to pass.

We saw early in our colonial history that—because of our isolation from Europe, and because of the immense wealth and bounty of our land—we had the opportunity to build the greatest, freest, and most prosperous nation ever to arise on earth. We spent the first century and a quarter of our independent existence in creating this great nation. But to protect this treasure, we found that we needed to establish the world’s paramount military structure and become the world’s preeminent political power. This book is the story of America’s march to economic, military, and political supremacy, and the ideals that have guided us along the way. —From How America Got It Right

From the Hardcover edition.



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“Makes one of the strongest cases yet for American exceptionalism.” —Washington Times

“A readable narrative history that . . . includes events frequently slighted in politically correct texts." —The Weekly Standard

From the Trade Paperback edition.