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The Gilded Age

Publisher: Modern Library
Introduction by Ron Powers
Includes Newly Commissioned Endnotes

Arguably the first major American novel to satirize the political milieu of Washington, D.C. and the wild speculation schemes that exploded across the nation in the years that followed the Civil War, The Gilded Age gave this remarkable era its name. Co-written by Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner, this rollicking novel is rife with unscrupulous politicians, colorful plutocrats, and blindly optimistic speculators caught up in a frenzy of romance, murder, and surefire deals gone bust. First published in 1873 and filled with unforgettable characters such as the vainglorious Colonel Sellers and the ruthless Senator Dilsworthy, The Gilded Age is a hilarious and instructive lesson in American history.


Chapter 1 Nibiwa win o-dibendan aki.1

Eng. A gallant tract

Of land it is!

Meercraft. ’Twill yield a pound an acre:

We must let cheap ever at first. But, sir,

This looks too large for you, I see.

June, 18—. Squire Hawkins sat upon the pyramid of...
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