The King and I

The Uncensored Tale of Luciano Pavarotti's Rise to Fame by His Manager, Friend and Sometime Adversary

Publisher: Three Rivers Press
Now in paperback, the scandalous international sensation: brash, candid, and utterly hilarious, Luciano Pavarotti’s longtime manager tells all.

The name “Luciano Pavarotti” is as central to the world of opera as high C’s and dueling sopranos. Pavarotti has had, quite inarguably, the most successful career in the history of the operatic profession, having gone from a once-reserved but brilliant tenor to a media-stupefying superstar. In The King and I, Herbert Breslin, Pavarotti’s publicist, manager, and friend for thirty-six years, reveals, in a fashion that is witty and bitingly frank, the truth about that white-hot career in all its delicious grandeur. Full of jaw-dropping anecdotes about the most famous divas and disputes of the past three decades, The King and I even features an afterword by the famed tenor himself. A one-of-a-kind read, The King and I is the ultimate backstage book about the greatest opera star ever.


chapter I

Midlife Crisis: My Start in the Business

Here's how not to begin your brilliant professional career. In 1957, I was thirty-three years old. I was married, with a child on the way. And I was working as a speechwriter for the Chrysler...
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“A fascinating, often funny account of life with a full-blown diva.” —New York Post

“One of the most talked-about musical books of the [season] . . . offers considerable insight into the fiercely competitive world of opera.” —Tim Page, Washington Post

“Nasty and amusing . . . a wondrous orgy of Schadenfreude.” —Financial Times