An Eighth of August

A Novel

Publisher: Anchor
From the author of the highly acclaimed Only Twice I’ve Wished for Heaven, a new novel about the strong ties and haunting memories that bind family and friends in a small town.
Narrated by a chorus of voices, An Eighth of August tells the story of a Midwestern community that celebrates the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation year after year. Celebrants from come near and far to pay tribute to the rich heritage of the former slaves who settled the Illinois town. But along with the festivities come painful memories and long-buried resentments, and while this year’s celebration is no different, it will offer up its own particular brand of freedom to one extended family and the wonderfully eccentric white woman whose life becomes entwined with their own. Wavering between the devastating and the uplifting, An Eighth of August is ultimately an enduring and exuberant novel.


J. Herbert Gray
The 1986 Halley's Landing Emancipation Festival
Sunday, August 3, 1986

From the start . . .

From the very start, them women on the Mothers Board say they saw her coming up the shoulder of the road, half dressed and walking scatter-legged 'long the side that hugs the river.

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Set in the gritty heart of Chicago, Dawn Turner Trice's debut novel, Only Twice I've Wished for Heaven, was hailed by the Washington Post as "a polished gem that shines from every angle, rich in rhythm, story, characterizations--." In her second novel, An Eighth of August, Trice explores small-town...
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“An unpretentious book of quiet truths and discoveries. . . . This book is as American as baseball.” –Chicago Tribune

“Absolutely glistens with a unique writing style.” –Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“A beautifully layered tale about an extended family and its small town dealings” –Black Issues Book Review