Cheating at Canasta

Publisher: Vintage Canada
A husband sits in Harry’s Bar in Venice, thinking of his wife–lost to him now–whose plea has brought him back to one of their favourite haunts. At another table, a young couple quarrel. “Cheating at Canasta” is the title story of William Trevor’s new collection, his first since the highly acclaimed A Bit on the Side, and its themes of missed opportunities, the inevitability of change and the powerful but fragmentary quality of our memories are entirely characteristic of his unparalleled oeuvre.

From the Hardcover edition.


Chapter One

The Dressmaker’s Child

Cahal sprayed WD-40 on to the only bolt his spanner wouldn’t shift. All the others had come out easily enough but this one was rusted in, the exhaust unit trailing from it. He had tried to hammer it out, he had tried wrenching the exhaust unit this way and...
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Praise for the writing of William Trevor:

“The genius of William Trevor is that he can entice you into his fictional terrain in a handful of pages.”
Literary Review (UK)

“Trevor invites comparison with the great masters of the short story. Like Chekhov, he has the power of getting into the skin of ordinary, unspecial, even rather dim people and showing the richness of their inner lives.”
The Independent on Sunday (UK)

From the Hardcover edition.