Diary of Interrupted Days

Publisher: Random House Canada
Dragan Todorovic’s first book written in English won him a literary prize for non-fiction and predictions from readers that he was a novelist-in-the-making. The readers were right, as his exceptional first novel proves.

Diary of Interrupted Days is playful, blazingly intelligent, occasionally erotic and ultimately tragic, unfurling from the cliffhanger scene that opens the book: a lone exile, returning to Belgrade for the first time since he fled to Canada in the mid-nineties, is stranded on the only bridge into the city that hasn’t been destroyed by NATO bombers as air raid sirens sound. He should be focused on getting off the bridge, but he seems unable to calculate the risk . . .

The war that dismembered his country still haunts him, but what has him frozen is that the disruptions of war allowed him to steal happiness for himself from his best friend, with the likelihood that he would never be caught. But lies, even artful ones told by someone adept at incinerating the past, have a way of catching up to you. As the man on the bridge is about to find out.

From the Hardcover edition.


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Praise for Dragan Todorovic:
“Todorovic’s writing is elegant, poised and witty, a remarkable feat considering the writer knew only a hundred words of English in 1993.” — The Writers’ Trust Jury

“Todorovic is an exceptional creative writer.” — Edmonton Journal

From the Hardcover edition.