From Midnight to Dawn

The Last Tracks of the Underground Railroad

Publisher: Anchor
From Midnight to Dawn presents compelling portraits of the men and women who established the Underground Railroad and traveled it to find new lives in Canada. Evoking the turmoil and controversies of the time, Tobin illuminates the historic events that forever connected American and Canadian history by giving us the true stories behind well-known figures such as Harriet Tubman and John Brown. She also profiles lesser-known but equally heroic figures such as Mary Ann Shadd, who became the first black female newspaper editor in North America, and Osborne Perry Anderson, the only black survivor of the fighting at Harpers Ferry. An extraordinary examination of a part of American history, From Midnight to Dawn will captivate readers with its tales of hope, courage, and a people’s determination to live equally under the law.


Chapter One

A new black consciousness arose in the decades after the War of 1812. Faced with increased discrimination and violence against them, blacks were no longer waiting for sympathetic whites to protect their interests, but began working actively on their own behalf....
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“Illuminating and entertaining, From Midnight to Dawn offers a sweeping overview of the history of fugitive slaves in Canada and their interactions with the American anti-slavery movement.” —Chicago Tribune“Thoroughly researched and very readable.” —Rocky Mountain News"Accessible and fluidly written." —Publishers Weekly"A fascinating look at the shared history of the abolitionist movement and the development of freedmen settlements between the U.S. and Canada." —Booklist