The Best Little Boy in the World Grows Up

Publisher: Ballantine Books
John Reid's The Best Little Boy in the World was hailed as a classic memoir of growing up gay in a straight world. But "John Reid" didn't write it. Years would pass before the writer could reveal his true identity as Andrew Tobias, America's bestselling financial guru, author of The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need. Now, twenty-five years later, Tobias, proud to use his real name, brings his remarkable life story up to date.

Writing with his customary charm and frank humor, Tobias tells of love affairs and heartbreak, hot New York parties and tough political battles, the excitement of genuine social change and the tragedy of seeing dear friends die young. Here too are the unforgettable scenes of Tobias revealing his sexual orientation not only to his parents but to the president of the United States.

The author is an irresistible companion as he shares with us his proud stories, embarrassing confessions, and hilarious musings on "the homosexual lifestyle." Witty, heartfelt, and wonderfully affirming in every sense, this is Andrew Tobias's finest book to date.


"Witty and affirming."
--Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Hilarious . . . His strong sense of fun keeps the pages turning, and beyond the high spirits, a more touching revelation begins to emerge. . . . Tobias has bottled the secret of happiness and learned how to pass it on."
--San Francisco Chronicle

"If Andy Tobias were a company, he'd be Fortune 500. . . . He's blue-chip, top-drawer, a hot ticket. Read this book."