Creative Prayer

Speaking the Language of God's Heart

Publisher: Multnomah
A young man is deeply in love with a young woman. He pours out his heart, singing to her, writing poems for her, giving her beautiful flowers. And how does she express her love back to him? She talks, usually briefly. And that’s all.

That’s an imbalanced relationship,but it’s an accurate picture of our communication with God. God speaks with pictures, symbols, music, tastes, smells, and all the rich diversity of creation. So why do we express ourselves to Him with nothing more than words?

Connect with Our Creative God

In Creative Prayer, Chris Tiegreen encourages us to communicate more intimately with God by speaking the language of His heart. Drawing on Bible stories, psalms, and historical examples, Tiegreen reminds us that our praises and petitions can reflect the unique gifts God has given us.

Singing. Painting. Cymbals. Dancing. God has always encouraged his people to respond to him in bold, visual, active, and energetic ways. As God shows us every day in a thousand ways, real love cannot be contained.

From the Trade Paperback edition.


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