The Complete Guide to Paintball, Fourth Edition

Completely Updated and Revised

Publisher: Hatherleigh Press
Bigger and better than ever! Get your game on and get ready to dominate the field! Includes new material on guns and games, new interviews with leaders in the sport.

From the practical to the tactical, how to play and how to win, this is the book on this super hot sport. The Complete Guide to Paintball is a treasure trove of information and insight into this action-packed game, and will delight novice and die-hard players alike.

More than a revision, this definitive fourth edition revisits every article and section, adds new material and interviews with sport leaders, tips and tricks on safety, movement, improving your shot, and even pro tricks.

In its pages, the complete history of the game comes to life as paintball's leading stars remember the past and discuss the groundbreaking new future.

The Complete Book of Paintball includes all you need to know about:
· The latest gear and gadgets
· Urban and field gaming strategies
· How to choose, maintain, and clean your gun
· Exclusive interviews with leaders in the sport
· Up-to-date international fields directory

The Complete Book of Paintball, 4th Edition is now bigger and badder than ever!


"This volume might be quite an eye-opener if you, as did this reviewer, believe that the sport of paint balling is merely a matter of several friends getting together in a field to have a little game of high-tech and messy tag. Who would have guessed that there is a 'history' to paint ball, and who would believe that paint ball is organized enough to require rules? All this is revealed 'and much, much more.' The equipment and gear are fully discussed, drills and tactics recommended, and the future of paint ball analyzed. Plentiful full-color photos accompany the text on virtually every page. If the enthusiasm of the boys at this middle school library is any indication, this guide is a 'must buy.'"
--Cindy Ridings, Teacher and Librarian, Eastern Washington Book Review Council