The Broken Shore

Publisher: Vintage Canada
Winner of the Ned Kelly Award for Crime Fiction (Australia)

Joe Cashin was different once. He moved easily then. He was surer and less thoughtful. But there are consequences when you’ve come so close to dying. For Cashin, they included a posting away from the world of Homicide to the quiet place on the coast where he grew up. Now all he has to do is play the country cop and walk the dogs. And sometimes think about how he was before.

Then prominent local Charles Bourgoyne is beaten and left for dead. Everything seems to point to three boys from the nearby Aboriginal community; everyone seems to want it to. But Cashin is unconvinced. And as tragedy unfolds relentlessly into tragedy, he finds himself holding onto something that might be better let go.

From the Hardcover edition.


CASHIN WALKED around the hill, into the wind from the sea. It was cold, late autumn, last glowing leaves clinging to the liquidambars and maples his great-grandfather’s brother had planted, their surrender close. He loved this time, the morning stillness, loved it more than spring.

The dogs were tiring now...
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“Peter Temple’s moody prose is far too satisfying. A reclusive Australian businessman has been brutally attacked in the coastal wilds beyond Melbourne’s exurbia, and the last thing you want is to see the mystery cleared up, the heroes and villains neatly sorted out….brilliant…”
—The Globe and Mail

The Broken Shore by Peter Temple is a great discovery. . . . I was fully taken by this book.”
Michael Connelly

“It’s hard to know where to start praising this book. Plot, style, setting and characters are all startlingly good. . . . The Broken Shore is one of those watershed books that makes you rethink your ideas about reading.”
—Sydney Morning Herald

“It is a towering achievement that brings alive a ferocious landscape and a motley assortment of clashing characters. The sense of place is stifling in its intensity, and seldom has a waltz of the damned proven so hypnotic. Indispensable.”
—The Guardian (UK)

“A sad, desolate novel . . . a stone classic. Hard as nails and horrible, but read page one and I challenge you not to finish it.”
—Independent on Sunday (UK)

The Broken Shore by Peter Temple is a great discovery...I was fully taken by this book.”
—Michael Connelly

“Peter Temple is Australia’s leading crimewriter, and The Broken Shore makes it clear why. The writing is
lean and muscular, but like the best mystery fiction is not afraid to tackle important issues. One of the world’s
finest crime writers.”
—The Times

From the Hardcover edition.