Identity Theory

Publisher: Anchor Canada
John Anselm is a former Beirut hostage, a foreign correspondent who has been to one war too many. A burnt-out case, he lives in his family’s ancestral house in Germany, working for a semi-legal and near-broke surveillance firm and wrestling with his own fractured identity and family history. His intelligence work collides with the lives of Con Niemand, an ex-mercenary and professional survivor, and ambitious London journalist Caroline Wishart. They are caught in a nightmare of violence and intrigue that can only end with the uncovering of long-buried secrets.

Temple writes of a shadowy world peopled with intense, globetrotting characters who use espionage, double crossings, and political information to gain leverage. In Temple’s world, secrets can be worth more than human life.


Chapter 1

NIEMAND CAME in at 2pm, stripped, put on shorts, went to the empty room, did the weights routine, ran on the treadmill for an hour. He hated the treadmill, had to steel his mind to endure it, blank out. Running was something you did outdoors. But outdoors had become trouble, like being...
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“A trip-wire-taut thriller…Temple offers a fascinating take on what happens to a hostage reporter after the headlines fade, how difficult it can be finally to tear off the mental blindfold and re-engage with the world.” — Booklist

“This is one of those books that simply won't give you any peace. Grade: A”–Rocky Mountain News