The Wives of Bath

Publisher: Vintage Canada
Swan’s international bestselling novel The Wives of Bath, is both a shocking Gothic tale about a murder in a girls’ boarding school and an adolescent confession. Mouse and Paulie, reluctant fourteen-year-old boarders at Bath Ladies College, are confronted by the slippery quest for one small, vital thing: the thing that definitively makes boys different from girls.
The novel was made into the feature film Lost and Delirious, shown in 34 countries. Since the film’s debut, young women all over the world have role-played the parts of Mouse, Tory and Paulie on the Lost and Delirious website.


“Raunchy, funny and fast-paced…the kind of book women have been waiting for.” —Ottawa Citizen

“A wry coming-of-age story built around a murder tale that bristles with sexual secrets.” —The Boston Globe

The Wives of Bath is a classic.” —Financial Post

“Extremely funny...a thoroughly modern tale of shifting sexualities.” —The Sunday Times