Three Bags Full

Publisher: Anchor Canada
A witty philosophical murder mystery with a charming twist: the crack detectives are sheep determined to discover who killed their beloved shepherd.

On a hillside near the cozy Irish village of Glennkill, a flock of sheep gathers around their shepherd, George, whose body lies pinned to the ground with a spade. George has cared devotedly for the flock, even reading them books every night. Led by Miss Maple, the smartest sheep in Glennkill (and possibly the world), they set out to find George’s killer.

The A-team of investigators includes Othello, the “bad-boy” black ram; Mopple the Whale, a Merino who eats a lot and remembers everything; and Zora, a pensive black-faced ewe with a weakness for abysses. Joined by other members of the richly talented flock, they engage in nightlong discussions about the crime, wild metaphysical speculations, and embark on reconnaissance missions into the village, where they encounter some likely suspects. Along the way, the sheep confront their own all-too-human struggles with guilt, misdeeds, and unrequited love.
Funny, fresh, and endearing, it introduces a wonderful new breed of detectives to Canadian readers.

From the Hardcover edition.



Othello Boldly Grazes Past

"He was healthy yesterday," said Maude. Her ears twitched nervously.

"That doesn't mean anything," pointed out Sir Ritchfield, the oldest ram in the flock. "He didn't die of an illness. Spades are not an illness."

The shepherd was...
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“It’s rather as if Agatha Christie had re-written The Wind in the Willows.”
Independent (UK)

“Moments of high comedy come thick and fast. . . . This entertaining, light-hearted mystery is told from a refreshingly novel perspective.”
Daily Mail (UK)

“Swann’s light, sure touch keeps cuteness at bay, and the whimsical central conceit is nicely sharpened by literary allusions and running theological jokes (all those ovine metaphors).” —The Times (UK)

“If you love a good mystery and have even the slightest taste for Charlotte’s Web or Babe, trust me, you’ll be enchanted. . . . The combination of sly humour and naiveté makes this novel a surprising and refreshing read. The herd is filled with vivid chatracters laid out in vivid detail.” —Hallie Ephron, The Boston Globe

"An original and clever mystery, with a flock of endearingly woolly detectives. I may never eat lamb chops again." --Carl Hiaasen

From the Hardcover edition.