The Baby’s Table

Revised and Updated

Publisher: Random House Canada
Baby's hungry! And when it comes to mealtime, nothing is better than food you prepare yourself. Newly revised and updated to comply with health Canada's current guidelines on infant feeding, The Baby's Table shows how easy it is to prepare delicious and healthy meals for the little ones in your life. The more than 150 recipes showcase whole foods and fresh ingredients, and have no added sugar or salt, not to mention the trans fat, starches and fillers found in many commercially prepared jarred baby foods. There are also lots of great tips and ideas, as well as important advice on:

~ breastfeeding, formula feeding and weaning your baby
~ introducing solid foods
~ assessing food intolerances and allergies
~ vitamin supplements
~ and much more.

Written by an elementary school teacher and a medical doctor in response to patient demand and their own needs as parents, The Baby's Table is the most comprehensive resource available for practical advice on feeding your baby.



As a general consultant pediatrician, I’ve been fielding questions for years from new parents about what (and how) to feed their children. When I first started my practice, I am embarrassed to say, many of these questions truly stumped me: When can I stop warming up the bottle? When can I give...
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“A must for new parents – this book contains a wealth of medical and nutritional information for feeding your baby.”
— Anne Lindsay
“With so many food choices available, many parents become confused about when, how, and what to feed their babies. This book goes a long way toward helping make their choices (and their lives) easier.”
— Dr. Richard B. Goldbloom, Professor of Pediatrics, Dalhousie University

“Finally! A book that I will be happy to recommend to my patients.”
— Dr. Cheryl Mutch, pediatrician