Full Circle

Publisher: Dell
The 1960s.  Kennedy.  Martin Luther King.  Civil rights.  Viet Nam.  Tana Roberts comes of age in this turbulent decade, and begins a journey that will lead her from New York to the South during the heat of racial unrest.  A thoroughly modern young woman, she yearns for a career and is willing to sacrifice everything to get it.  And it's only much later that Tana discovers that she can have it all.  Career.  Love.  And peace of mind.  As she comes of age, at last, and comes full circle.


Chapter One

On the afternoon of Thursday, December 11, 1941, the country was still in a daze. The casualty list was complete, the names of those killed had already been released, and slowly, slowly, in the past few days, the monster of vengeance was raising its head. In almost every American breast...
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