Young Men

Publisher: Anchor Canada
In this astutely observed collection, Russell Smith charts the lives of several thirty-something men struggling to meet the adult challenges of career, home and family while they mourn the aspirations of their youth.

Dominic discards the life he has built with Christine for a fantasy fling with her best friend and then sheepishly orchestrates a reconciliation. When his career as a music producer fails to materialize, Eddie begins secretly recording the dreams his girlfriend recites in her sleep. He publishes these transcribed tales, but his new-found literary fame is hollow and his shameless crime is inevitably exposed. Lionel embarks on an ill-fated tour of small-town Nova Scotia to promote his latest book. Stranded by a snow storm, the weary writer finds creative inspiration in the reminiscences of an elderly woman.

In each of these stories, Russell Smith flawlessly captures the humour and the sadness of young men bridging the gulf between who they had hoped to be and who they have become.


"So." Dominic looked across the table at Gordon. Gordon smiled at him. He wore dark glasses, in which Dominic could see his own tiny, warped reflection. Dominic was also wearing dark glasses. They were both wearing linen shirts which fluttered slightly in the breeze. King Street rustled around them; it seemed...
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"Smith has a journalist's eye for the details of speech and dress that identify the social niche of the characters -- but with an Evelyn Waughesque emphasis on their comic Possibilities."--The Toronto Star

"Astute and welcome." --The Globe and Mail

"A sharply observed, sour, sweet, and very funny first novel... . Not so many could have matched ... the inventiveness of the dialogue, the grace of the narrative, and the tenderness that Smith shows toward the most vulnerable characters he has created." --Books in Canada

A poisonously funny portrait of (Toronto's) so-hip-it-hurts fashion, food, and bar scene ... Noise trumpets Smith's energetic talent." --Maclean's

From the Hardcover edition.